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1917 Onwards


Badsell Manor in 1947 

In 1917 Lord Falmouth decided to sell both the Manor and the rest of the Badsell and Tudeley Estate. The property went up for auction on 27 September 1917 and 1,456 acres of land, producing an annual rental of £1,258, was sold in many separate lots, including Tudeley Church Farm, Tatlingbury Farm, Moat and Ashurst Farm, Mill Farm, Crittenden Farm and Badsell Park Farm . The manor itself didn’t come up for auction. By this time Albert Burton was the tenant on the farm and he managed to raise sufficient money to buy Badsell Manor. Shortly afterwards he sold the land across the Badsell Road to the local council. 

Albert Burton, married first to Hannah and after they divorced, to Alice known as Allie, farmed at Badsell for the rest of his life. The business was run as a mixed arable farm with hops being an important crop. During his ownership he dredged the moat and apparently it was deep enough for a horse and cart to pass underneath the bridge. When he died Ally took over the running of the business until 1959 when she sold it, together with the Manor to Henry Wright, Albert’s nephew. 

Albert Burton(1).jpg

Albert Burton (right) outside Badsell Manor 

2020-05-04 Badsell Frontage 20c..jpg

The front of Badsell Manor with conservatory - first half 20th century

Henry Wright continued to farm at Badsell and lived at the Manor with his wife Tressie and his two daughters Jennifer and Sara. Each year about 50 families of hop pickers would stay at the farm which eventually had hoppers huts toaccommodate them. Machinery was eventually introduced to pick the hops in 1966, and the last hoppers came to the farm in 1968. 

When Henry and Tressie died in 1984 the farm and Badsell Manor was inherited by their daughters who sold it the following year to a small property development company. The property company converted the buildings and barns to the front of the manor, and sold them as private homes. Major refurbishment work was undertaken on the manor itself and one of the partners, Brian Wenham, decided to use Badsell Manor as his own family home. 

The current owners, Mike and Michelle Perry, bought the manor in 1994 and have since further improved and renovated the property. 

Badsell aerial 2002.jpg

Badsell Manor and the surrounding converted farm buildings - 2002 


lxv. Sale Catalogue a copy of which is held at Plymouth and West Devon Record Office ref 1096/122

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