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IN NORTH WEST KENT not far from the border with Sussex, in what used to be called hop country, lies an ancient manor house. From first glance it is clear that it has nestled between the two small streams for hundreds of years, changing and evolving over the centuries, its roots and foundations going back in time. For over seven hundred and fifty years it has been surrounded by a working moat that has served to protect and gild the old building. One can not but wonder at the tales the house could tell, stories of the people who have lived and worked there, lords and ladies, sheriffs, farmers and their families, servants and labourers. The owners and tenants have seen good times and bad times, years of fame and fortune, times of political unrest and civil war.  


This web site tracks the history of Badsell Manor through the ages.  Under many of the headings there are links to pages with short fictional accounts that are intended to provide a feel of what life was like at the manor in times past.  

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